About WES+ Fire Safety

Fire Point Strobe

WES+ is the specialist fire safety and construction site evacuation technology arm of Ramtech Electronics Limited.

Ramtech is a wireless technology specialist with over 25 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing radio based safety and security solutions to meet challenging environmental conditions in the leisure industry. This experience, together with extensive investment in ongoing product research and development, lead to the launch in 2010 of our market leading, award winning WES system for the construction industry. The second generation, WES+, launched in 2014 and saw the entire product range re-designed and re-engineered to build on the success of WES with market-leading legislative compliance and strongly improved usability.

WES+ fire safety is a wireless fire alert system that’s been specifically engineered by our in-house research and development team, working closely with major construction companies, to deliver effective, flexible fire protection that meets the very latest Health & Safety legislation for construction sites.

Benefits of WES+

System compliance – WES+ helps you meet your obligations under:

More about Health and Safety compliance

Practical design
WES+ is an inherently safe, practical solution for construction sites. Because it’s wireless and battery powered there’s no need for networks of cabling that could be trip hazards or could cause issues as sites change and grow. You’ll also find that operating a wireless system significantly reduces the cost and time of installation – units can easily be moved around the site as required and can be re-used on other projects.

High Performance
When it comes to safety systems, reliability and performance are vital, so we’ve made sure that WES+ is designed and manufactured in the UK to ISO9001 quality standards and using the best components. To make sure we delivered the best possible system, we worked directly with two leading UK construction companies in the development of WES+.

WES+ units are fitted with Category 1 wireless receivers, which are the highest level, most reliable wireless receivers on the market – they’re specifically recommended for use in systems protecting human life.

Ramtech has installed WES+ systems on construction sites across the UK with clients including: Vinci, BAM, Kier, Balfour Beatty and Morgan Sindall.