Why Choose WES?

The WES fire safety system is the obvious choice to protect your building project. It’s engineered to deliver the cost-effective, high performance and health and safety compliant temporary fire alert solution demanded by the construction industry.


Fire Point Onsite GranthamDeploying WES can save you both time and money on your construction projects. It’s a completely wireless system that’s easy to install, so you don’t need to get an electrician on board to get your fire safety system wired up at the beginning of the project – and you won’t need to get a specialist in if you need to change the number and location of units as your
project develops.

We’ll configure the system for you the first time you use it so you can install it on site straight away. We can also give you the tools and training you need to reprogram your WES units yourself, so you can take them straight to your next project without incurring any further costs for your construction site fire safety.

High Performance

When it comes to safety systems, reliability and performance are vital, so we’ve made sure that WES is designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and using the best components. To make sure we delivered the best possible system, we worked directly with two leading UK construction companies in the development of WES.

WES units are fitted with Category 1 wireless receivers, which are the the highest level, most reliable wireless receivers on the market – they’re specifically recommended for use in systems protecting human life.

You’ll find the build quality is of the same high standard, too – WES units are built to be robust enough to cope easily with life on building sites and in storage between projects.

Health and Safety Compliant

A responsible company doesn’t take risks when it comes to health and safety, so we’ve developed WES with the specific aim of meeting rigorous industry fire safety standards. A properly configured and installed WES fire safety system helps you make sure your construction site meets the very highest health and safety guidelines, including:

  • HSE Fire Regulations for Construction sites (HSG168)
  • European Standards covering the use of Radio technology in emergency equipment (ETSI 300-220-1)
  • Fire Protection Association Joint Code of Practice
  • Structural Timber Association Guidelines
  • Independent CE marking – assures stringent testing to European quality standards

Choose WES to protect your construction site and workers and demonstrate your commitment to fire safety best practice for the construction industry.
More about how WES helps you comply with health and safety legislation.