Fire Alarm System Range

WES+ RangeThe WES+ fire alarm range is engineered to meet all relevant sections of the harmonised fire detection and alarm systems standard EN541 , and therefore meets the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation, which came into effect in 2013.

You can be confident it will deliver independently tested, properly certified, best-in-market emergency evacuation and fire alarm systems to protect your people and assets.

WES+ has enormous practical benefits for the efficient setup and testing of your temporary fire alert system.

WES+ System Benefits

  • Easy on-site setup. WES+ is wireless, so there’s no cabling to alter as your construction site changes. Adding a new unit to a site takes just a simple button press.
  • Extensive system logs and reporting. Access system test reporting, battery and tamper alerts and activation information via the Base Station and download a pdf or csv file via the WES+ app.
  • SMS alerts. Up to six people can receive texts identifying activations and other system messages. Choose what type of alerts each person receives.
  • Unlimited number of units on site. Units can be numbered for easy identification in the event of an activation.
  • Extended battery life. Externally tested to three years’ normal use, and increased stability in compliance with EN54.
  • System monitoring. Warnings for low battery and reduced radio range to keep your fire alarm system running optimally
  • Units are shipped live, with battery connected, in ‘Transit Mode’ to enable quick setup while minimising battery usage

Typical WES+ installation

A typical WES+ installation incorporates a battery powered call point at each fire point on site, together with a base station in the site office to enable system testing and monitoring.

Heat and smoke detectors are used to provide active fire detection for projects with a significant indoor element to the build, like refurbishments.

Health and safety managers and site managers gain great benefit from the system logs, exportable reporting and easy quote request system available via the WES+ app.

Watch the video to find out more:

  1. WES+ EN 54 Compliance