Fire Alarm System Base Station

WES+ Base StationThe WES+ fire alarm system Base Station delivers extensive system reporting and configuration functionality for the fire alarm system across your construction site.

It’s wireless and battery powered, so there’s no need for an inflexible fixed, wired control panel – the Base Station has all of the reporting functionality you need combined with the mobility and reusability of the rest of the WES+ product range.

If an alarm is activated, the base station allows you to identify quickly which unit has been triggered. It’s easy to install and use and gives you ultimate control over your WES+ system.

The Base Station includes programming functions, so you can edit site name and SMS numbers directly from your Base Station.

  • System Log records activations and warnings, so you can monitor activity and history across your whole WES+ system
  • GSM version available, enabling up to 6 users to receive configurable SMS notifications.
  • Fire alarm SMS notifications for immediate alert in the event of a fire.
  • Optional notifications available for low battery, signal strength, and unit tamper alerts.
  • Trigger a system-wide silent test to minimise on-site disruption
  • Alarm cancellation directly from Base Station
  • Access code protection of all system settings and alarm reset for maximum accountability
  • Unit numbering, enabling easy identification of activated units directly from the base station
  • Recent events logged in memory for Health and Safety audit procedures
  • 3 year Battery life, tested under normal usage conditions, reducing lifetime costs and need for constant replacement and improving compliance with waste regulations
  • Low battery warning – each WES+ unit has an independent low battery indicator, but your base station makes fire system maintenance easier by making it possible to check from one central location whether any of your WES+ units have batteries in a low voltage state
  • Dual Tamper alert system to ensure system integrity and compliance
  • LCD display for safe and quick understanding of messaging
  • LED indicator lights for easy issue diagnosis
  • Transit mode to allow safe removal & storage

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