Hiring WES+ Fire Safety Systems

WES+ Heat and Smoke Detectors

WES+ is simple to re-use on new projects whenever you need to, so it makes perfect sense to buy stock in. However, we understand that purchasing units isn’t everybody’s preferred option. So, if a hire model best suits your business, we’re happy to help.

All units in the WES+ range can be hired directly from us, so whether your project lasts for 3 months or 23 months we’ve got your fire safety covered.

Benefits of Hiring WES+


  • Costs management – renting your construction fire alarm system from Ramtech means you don’t have to make a capital investment in stock. You can simply pay for exactly what you need for each project, when you need it, adding and off-hiring units as the project evolves.
  • Let us take care of storage – no need for you to manage stock control and storage, we’ll take care of it for you. When you want to off hire units, just let us know, send them back and we’ll take care of them until you need them for your next project.
  • Repair schedule – all WES+ units are extremely robust, but it’s not impossible for things to take damage on a busy construction site. When your units are back in stock with us, we’ll let you know of any maintenance they require before you need them for your next project.
  • Expert maintenance – if you rent WES+ from us, you’re dealing directly with the people who designed and engineered your product, so you can be sure that we’re best placed to keep your system performing optimally
  • Hire detection units – it’s not just the base station and fire points that can be hired. You can also add our smoke and heat detectors to your rental stock, giving you flexibility over your entire fire alarm system

Talk to us now for more information about renting WES+, and to arrange a hire quote.